1) Hands-to-Feet: Performer A has a double-handed grip on each of Performer B’s opposite feet (right-to-left and left-to-right).

2) Grip, Carve, Grip: A grip is taken on the other performer’s same arm (right-to-right or left-to-left). The grip is released. Performer A maintains heading while Performer B does a 360 degree carve around Performer A followed by a repeat of the original grip.

3) Grip Over/Under Grip: A grip is taken on the other performer’s same arm (right-to-right or left-to-left).  Grip is released. Performer A’s body goes over Performer B’s body, while Performer B’s body goes under Performer A’s body. Both performers perform a 180 degree turn in the process to face each other, followed by a repeat of the original grip

Competition Rules:


  • In order to enter, you must be a fully paid up PASA member and have ticked the AE box on your renewal form.
  • Freeflyers of all skill levels are allowed to enter the competition.
  • Teams will consist of 2 performers and one camera person, and may combine both intermediate and open freeflyers.
  • All performer with 700 or more freefly jumps must perform all compulsory rounds in a head down orientation
  • All performers with less than 700 freefly jumps can perform compulsory rounds in a head up or head down orientations
  • The monthly competition will consist of one compulsory and one free round
  • Whilst all jumps are scored as a team score, individuals carry these scores with them over a 12 month period. In this way, teams can change individual performers monthly, as it is the individual performer who accrues their score.
  • In the case of an individual competing with more than one team in any given calendar month, he / she will be awarded the score of the team of their choice that month
  • All compulsory maneuvers will be taken from the PASA Intermediate compulsory moves, as per section B
  • The free routine round consists of the team’s own choreography of moves.  Teams may repeat the same routine every month or may change it as they choose.
  • Competitors are free to attempt the draw as many times as they wish before submitting their best rounds to the SASL website to be judged.
  • Each participant in the competition will be handicapped based on their experience (jumps and tunnel time). This may be adjusted during the course of the league season. Your team’s combined average handicap will be applied each month to determine the team’s weighted score for that competition. This allows for jumpers of any combination of experience levels to compete equally.
  • The final jump for the 2016/17 League year will take place at Nationals 2017 and carry an additional score of 3 per jump in the first compulsory and free rounds of the open and intermediate events.
  • All new compulsories will be released by the first Thursday of each calendar month
  • Jumps must be submitted to the judges by the last day of the calendar month.
  • The first 28 seconds of working time will be judged only, as this should be achievable from 11,000ft AGL.
  • Performers must always be in a head up orientation during their compulsory routines
  • Camera people may film in any orientation they wish
  • Performers may use any orientation whatsoever for their free rounds
  • The same format applies as with the Open category (F, C, F, F, C, F)
  • The performers will have 25 seconds from exit do complete the routine
  • Performers can put the routine/manoeuvres together in any sequence of their choice (This needs to be pre-declared to the judges and any repeated compulsory moves will not be judged)
  • The camera work will not be judged on a creativity level, but all grips needs to be visible to be judged
  • The objective is not to do this quickly, but to complete the entire routine in the allotted time
  • Scores will be based on technical difficulty as well as visual effect/impression of execution
  • Additional scores will be awarded for the creativity and execution of the transitions between manoeuvres

General rules:


  • Performers must have less than 700 freefly jumps each (ie: total non freefly jumps can be more than 700). Neither of the performers are allowed to have previously won intermediate at nationals 3 times in total
  • No limitation on camera flyers jump numbers or skill level
  • All team members must have at least cat III in freefly
  • SASL – 3 rounds total
    • 2 compulsory/speed rounds (3 randoms per speed round)
    • 1 free round
  • Nationals – 5 rounds total
    • 2 compulsory/speed rounds
      • 3 randoms per speed round
      • Rounds 2 and 4 are speed rounds
    1. 3 free rounds
      • Rounds 1, 3 and 5 are free rounds